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off-colored true-isms.

i am not p.c. in in any color. i make fun of myself just as much as
the next person. i like bad jokes of all flavors!
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i collect two things. though one collections hasn't been growing for almost
12 years due to friends being scared of it. that one would be clowns.

i love clowns. their faces painted in a variety of emotions. their
personality barely shining through. i've always wondered what may
lay deeper within, but never get the chance to find out. also, if
you think about it... clowns are just showing the mask they wear.
everyday we all wear a mask to keep people at some distance from
our true selves.

my second collection is skulls. no, not real ones. but since
i was about 13 i have always had shirts with them, look for
figurines of them, pick up odds and ends here and there.
i have a twin set of tattoo skulls and i desperatly want to
add a totem of skulls rising out of smoke drawn up by ghostly
native americans. this of course would be a back piece. will
be oh so awesome. =)
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there are a few..

The Tea Party - Overload, The Bazaar, Paint it Black, Emerald
Shinedown - Devour, If You Only Knew, 45, Save Me
Candlebox - Sometimes, Arrow, 10,000 Horses, Happy Pills, Blossom,Simple Lessons
The Nixons - Last Song, Lifeline, Fellowship, Falling In, Saving Grace
Ministry - So What, NWO, Just One Fix

i love music. helps keep me centered.
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i give them a finger award or tell them to fuck off.
i am pretty good at not insulting people i don't know, so i expect the
same treatment from others. as for people i know and insult... it generally
happens after they have really pissed me off or when we are all joking around.
it's easy to tell the difference by the look on my face.
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I was born under the year of the Ox. I think it fits me very
well. the same as with being under Capricorn. gives me two
sets of horns and the stubborness to match.
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yes. there are more important things in this world that could use the millions they spend on ads and smear campaigning. i think a candidate should be held accountable for every cent and no money should come from outside the U.S.. why not put all that money towards the defecit or towards education?

i also think they should be held accountable for what they say. facts should be honest facts. not twisted words to skew the view. the way the ads ran this year was no better than all the bullying issuses that have been in the news lately. i feel they are sending a very bad message to the youth of today. politicians get away with it, so why shouldn't they?
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Sci-fi/Fantasy. why? because i get enough reality, drama and everyday crap in my life.
i enjoy escaping to other worlds/places.
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yes. for the most part i don't regret the second chances i have

question i am currently facing is do they deserve a second chance
and do they even want one?

my head really likes brick walls it seems.
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It's not so much that I want to control my deams, but I would love to
quit having religious based dreams. Seriously, the fight between good and
evil can go on somewhere else besides in my dreams.
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Manners, respect, etiquette and basic common sense. Not just high school though.
I feel that these things need to be taught from a young age. Normally they are
learned traits from a parent, but todays parents seem to be lacking in that area.
I think starting the training and learning in Kindergarten would be ideal.
But that is just me.
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