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An update of sorts.

Been hanging in the Great White North for a few months. It's had it's good spots and not so great spots. Being with Marc, great spot. Not being able to drive my car because it isn't licensed because I am not a resident here, bad spot. Makes me feel trapped. Yes, we have a great bus system here but I am not in any shape to be walking that much these days. I need to fix that. Hopefully with the warmer weather there will be more walking. We do get to use mom-in-law's car a few times a week. Usually when we have grocery shopping to do and that's it. Sure, I get to pick Marc up from work those nights but we don't have the option of any time we want to go we can. It is what it is for now.

Speaking of mom-in-law... She pushed the wrong button the other day. Tried playing the "no one ever helps me" pity card. I was not having it and let her know as much. See, she doesn't ask for help but expects everyone to read her fucking mind and do her bidding that way. I have told her multiple upon multiple times that if she needs help with anything just ask. She doesn't. The couple of times she has, she has failed to do things that were needed for said help to happen. Then proceeds to say no ever helps her. WTF lady?!? So I finally got tired of her shit and let her know as much. I let her know that things were her fault for her lack of follow through. She was blaming Marc for stuff and I stopped being nice. She will be very fucking lucky if nice returns.

I miss my friends. I miss just hanging out and being silly. Bawdy talk and bad jokes. Geeking out over GoT and fan theories. Good foods, good beers. I miss my good people that have been there for the longest time and now are so far away.


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