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first and foremost, it is very nice to see some of you posting here again.
i wish more would come back and post bigger updates about their lives.
i miss my friends and the interactions with them. i miss reading the stories
of their lives. while FB gives us blurbs and peeks, it is no updating machine.

oh to the update...

things have mellowed out here. the sister in law in the house has finally
realized she is not the ruling monarch of the house. thank goodness.
i get that she has lived here for awhile, BUT it is the mom in laws house
and we all are just renters. we each married into this family and will
have to learn to get along whether we really like each other as people or not.

things with Marc and i are good. there's been hiccups and adjusting, as is
normal with any relationship/marriage/living with someone, but for the most
part it has all been minor stuff. it's not like we thought everything would
be perfect from the get go, thankfully we both have always had our eyes open.

we crossed the border and back again today without any issues!! this is the
first time in years that i haven't had to go inside the big building and
explain our whole story to a border agent. AND i made it to Lewiston, NY and
back home without asking for directions or getting lost! another first.
i don't get lost often, but with Marc not being a driver himself he is not
the best navigator. i find that instead of using google maps, using google
aerial view and mapping it myself is much easier. i can actually see where
to turn. g maps likes to send me on the round about toll bridges way. no
thanks! i don't mind tolls, they have their purpose, but if i can get there
without a toll road or bridge... i will.

met with the lawyer a couple weeks ago. lots of paperwork to fill out.
i hope all this goes somewhat quickly, but part of me thinks the he is
trying to milk us for money. he sent an email awhile back telling us what we
needed. so i take the things in and he says "well you need more pics of the
wedding. and fbi background check, a medical check out from a Canadian doc..."
and so on. i told him i was a bit miffed and that i would have brought
what we really needed had he not been so vague about things in the damn email.
he wasn't pleased with that. but then his culture isn't used to the women
back talking and standing up for themselves. yeah, i don't like him much.

so there ya go. i better go check on my other half. he's been sickly with
a cold and has decided that working 6 days a week would help that.

now it's your turn to update. GET TO IT!

Date: 2013-11-14 12:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I keep telling everyone, in a year or two, a new level of hipsters will leave Facebook and Tumblr in droves and start using LiveJournal, saying they were here "before it was cool."

Yeah, well I was here before it was Russian.

Date: 2013-11-14 05:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
me too!

i keep hoping people will come back and a few have.
it makes for better life updates and more detail. =)


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