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Well the ball is finally rolling with the lawyer and very soon
the wheels will be rolling on my car. August 24th Marc will be
here in Seattle and a few days after that we will be heading
East to Brampton, ON soon after that. i finally get to make
it to my new home. sure, leaving my friends behind will be
hard, but i finally get to be settled in my life with the man
i love. i am very grateful for that.

not sure on the path we are taking to get to Brampton yet.
we can either take Hwy 2 across Canada of I-90 across the States.
hard decisions. i also need to decide on a place where we
are going to stay for 2 nights to take a break from driving
and just get a good stretch out for 24 hours. mom suggested
finding a place close to a bar so we can just chill a bit.
Marc agrees. =)

and then there is the purging of things i don't need and
things i want with me now up there. hopefully next year
we will be able to come out and pick up the rest of my stuff
and my hope chest. the hope chest has to eventually be with
me as i built it and one day plan on passing it to my daughter
or son if i am lucky enough to have one. keeping my fingers
crossed on that one.

so that's about it for now. will leave a note when we actually
leave and one when we arrive home in Brampton. =)
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