Aug. 18th, 2015

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I don't care what color you are and I think all my friends know that. That being said, I have zero tolerance for people who don't think there is a white privilege, sexism or that immigrants deserve a chance at a better life too. If you live in a bubble and fail to see the world on a grand scale or fail to see that we should all have the same rights regardless of where we are from, our religion, our politics... kindly fuck off.

You think someone went about getting their message across the wrong way, that's fine but remember it was how they chose to do it and now the message is part of an open dialogue. I don't agree with how the BLM girls disrupted Bernie's speech either BUT I do see why they did it.

White privilege is a cancer. Sexism is a cancer. Immigrants are NOT a cancer (they do the jobs you feel you are too damn good to do). I won't sit by and let you say how crappy a person is for how they chose to do things. I won't sit by and let you go on about how you think blacks have more rights than whites. They don't. They have had to fight for every inch of rights they have received. You don't get why they have black magazines, black channels, black colleges. You call it racism. You are fucking dumb. There has always been white magazines, white channels, white colleges, white men making the rules. The fact that you lack the empathy to even see or understand why you are wrong goes to prove that white male privilege exists.

I may be white but at least I try to see things from a different point of view. At least I keep an open mind to hear someone else's p.o.v. It's too bad that you don't. Have fun in that bubble.


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