May. 6th, 2014

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let's see... currently in the PNW hanging with my mom for 8 more weeks.
then back to the great white North. although at this point it is looking
pretty green.

i miss Marc. but i am also super proud of him. he got chosen to train
and fix some things in the companies Halifax location. they were going
to have his boss go, but the boss said to send him. so YAY! he flew
out this evening and will be back on Friday night. so proud of him.
while he doesn't love his job, it's mostly the people that make it
stressful, he does like organizing things and making the job easier
for himself and others. hoping this will be a stepping stone to
being the boss in one of the many locations. =)

health has been good. no relapses for almost 3 years now. on one
hand that worries me and on the other i am very thankful that the
med i take works well for me. hope it continues that way. when i
am back up North i will be hitting the gym for some incline walking
on a daily basis. i need to lose weight. while i have stopped drinking
soda for the most part and do eat a lot healthier, i know i have to walk
to lose. that is how i did it before. why walk in a gym? it is a safer
environment for me. since my balance isn't always spot on, it is just
better for me. not to mention having others around in case i over do it.
but i will try not to.

love being able to spend time with my friends here. i am so thankful
for my group of friends. you are all so supportive and caring and funnier
than any stand up comedian. you are what i miss most (besides my mom)
when i am away from the PNW. i can't imagine my life without you.
thank you for just being you and allowing me to be a part of your life.

hmmm... i think that is about it. not much crazy goes on in my life these
days and for that i am truly thankful!

hope you are well and ya'll should post soon.


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