Sep. 22nd, 2013

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left Seattle on August 28th and arrived in Brampton, ON on September 6th. was a long and very sunny trip driving out here, but we made it in one piece. saw lots of great road signs. didn't stop to look at much. since i was the only driver, it made the trip longer than it should have been. stayed in small towns and mostly Motel 6, which kept the cost down. i don't think we paid over $65 for any room. had lots of good food. we tried to do local places for the most part, unless we got into a town late and the only option was McD's.

so now i am here. settling in is taking a bit, but that was to be expected. dealing with people who don't have a clue what common courtesy is is a whole other thing. thankfully it is not just me that notices this about this person. (it is not Marc btw, who could not be a better person for me.) this person interrupts my sleep, our quiet time during movies, doesn't give us any kitchen space and when i asked if i could do her laundry during the day when everyone was gone i got "but it is cheaper to do laundry at night". she only does laundry at night a couple times a week, but it is still something i could do during the day and keep the laundry moving so as not to hamper others from doing their laundry and also she doesn't pay the damn utility bill, so her whole argument is invalid. Marc and i are buying a small fridge and a pantry for the basement and Aunt Bonnie is giving us a microwave. so we will have our own little set up and not have to worry about our groceries getting used and actually having space to put stuff. i am rambling and ranting... sorry.

getting used to driving around here. people like to tailgate and not use their blinkers and cut across 2 or more lanes to get to the turn lane they need, but other than that... yeah, my finger has gotten a work out. but other than those things people drive meh up here.

Tim Horton's... i am thankful for Timmy's every day. almost as thankful as i am for Marc. ;)

think that is about it for now.. gotta wait for the noise makers to leave to i can nap. been up since 6:30am so i could take Marc to work for some o.t. will be venting again soon i am sure. =P

hoping all is well in your world and for those of you that are going through some yuck right now, just know you are in my thoughts and i hope everything and everyone finds peace soon. <3


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